The Skeeball Game Remake

My Experience with Haxe in 2021

The Haxe language has been on my radar for years. Over the summer, I came up with a great trial project to do in Haxe, which would help me learn both the language and its ecosystem. In this article, I’ll summarize my recent experiences with Haxe: the great parts, the... [Read More]

Securing a Small Backend Service on the Cheap

A good way to secure an app is to (1) start with the assumption that an attacker will get root at some point and make their life hell accordingly, and then (2) make sure that an attacker doesn’t get root. Sometimes you hear the platitude “if they get root, it’s... [Read More]

Scattering My Eggs Across the Cloud

Or, How I Converted this Blog to JAMstack and Replaced a Bunch of Paid Stuff with Free Tier

For nearly a decade, I used InMotion Hosting as my VPS provider. They have great service and their selection of GUI-installed apps (including WordPress) goes pretty far. I hosted this blog with them, and a handful of other small sites and apps. [Read More]